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6'' Setback Hydraulic Kick-up Jack plate

New product; excellent for duck hunters and shallow water fishermen!

Vance JPL9638 Gen/3 6'' Setback "Kick-Up Plate" Vance JPL4200 2'' Setback Adjustable Outboard Boat Jack Plate
Our Price: $399.99
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Our Price: $467.37
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gen 3 6inch setback kick up plate 2 inch setback jack plate
0 - 60 HP Engines

Perfect for fine-tuning your outboard jet!
Vance HYDVS-001 Hydraulic Jack Plate Variable Setback Power Pole Micro Anchor
Our Price: $1,149.99
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Our Price: $599.99
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hydraulic jack plate variable setback power pole micro anchor
6, 8. & 10 inch Setback
0 - 150 HP Engines.
8 1/2 Foot Micro Series Power Pole!
Vance JJP123419 Static Jack Plate 5 inch Vertical Extension Power Pole Sportsman Series II
Our Price: $183.38
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Our Price: $1,289.99
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Five inch vertical extension plate power pole sportsman series ii
This item comes as two pieces, a left and right side. 8 Foot Sportman II Series Power Pole!

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If you are looking for the best quality boat parts at a lower cost, Vance Manufacturing has you covered. Our family-owned business has been producing industry-leading marine accessories since 1984. From Jack Plates to Transom Wedges and more, our store offers a wide selection of products for all of your boating needs. We are also proud to offer a number of high-quality marine jack plate solutions. Did you know that a boat rigged with a jack plate performs better than the same boat without one? Adding this vital accessory can greatly improve your boating experience. Proudly made in the USA, our products are vetted by industry professionals and boating enthusiasts alike. We offer fast, same-day shipping to ensure you get your items as quickly as possible. We also offer top-notch customer service in the event that you are dissatisfied with your order. Shop our full range of products today!