Drop-Down Plates for Short-Shaft Outboards

For boat owners with a short-shaft outboard on a long-shaft transom, Vance Manufacturing has developed a solution for you. Our drop-down plates allow you to lower your outboard engine in order for it to be compatible with your boat without having to make adjustments to your transom, which can be complicated and risky. We simplify your problem by offering what we consider to be a short shaft to long shaft conversion for outboard engines.

Our drop-down plates are perfect, for example, for optimizing a short-shaft outboard on a 20-inch transom. They act in place of a small-engine shaft extension, mitigating the issues that arise when trying to mount to a transom designed for long-shaft engines. Drop-down plates are made with aircraft-quality aluminum and some models are rated for engines up to 400HP. For advice on how to use or install your new drop-down plate, reach out to Vance Manufacturing's best-in-industry customer service team.,


How do I measure the short shaft outboard?,

To measure your outboard, start at the flat part of the mounting bracket and measure down to the top of the cavitation plate. This will give you the outboard length.,

How long is a short shaft outboard? ,

Short shaft outboards are typically 15". The next size up is a long shaft at 20" , XL at 25" and XXL at 30". If you have a shaft that doesn't fit those measurements exactly, go with the size that is closest to your measurement. For example, a 16" would be short and an 18" would be long.,

How do I tell if I need a long shaft or short shaft outboard? ,

Once you have measured the outboard, you will need to decide what size it is. The best way to tell is by choosing the size closest to the length. Use the following to find your size:,

  • Short - 15"
  • Long - 20"
  • XL - 25"
  • XXL - 30"

In general, small Jon boats, small sailboats or sailboats with movable brackets, and canoes tend to all require a short shaft outboard. Getting the right size is key to superior performance.,