Transom Reinforcement Mounting Plates & Templates

Our transom support plates are all made of heavy-duty aircraft-quality aluminum. Designed to absorb stress that it's exposed to and evenly distribute it throughout the transom, our transom plates protect the exterior of your transom from scratches and dents while also providing reinforcement for the structural components of your transom. This type of transom reinforcement plate can extend the lifetime of both your transom and any of its add-ons.

Mount your motor and jack plates with the peace of mind that you are getting all the benefits of these large units and none of the drawbacks by using a transom mounting plate. With all Vance Manufacturing products manufactured at our facility in Taft, Tennessee, we guarantee quality and ease of use. Trouble choosing the right transom outboard mounting plate? No problem! Give our customer service team a call to get set up with the perfect rig.,


How to reinforce a transom on an aluminum boat?,

If you are noticing soft spots on the transom of your aluminum boat, you will definitely need to reinforce your transom, and sooner rather than later. You will need to do a bit of research to determine the best course of action, but in general, you will need either plywood or metal (some people recommend angle iron), epoxy, gel coat, paint brushes and pretty full set of tools to work with. It is not recommended to use treated wood since the chemicals can corrode the aluminum.,

How do you strengthen a boat transom?,

One of the best ways to strengthen a boat transom is with a transom plate. Transom plates work by absorbing stress and distributing energy evenly throughout the transom rather than in one localized spot. Transom plates also protect the boat exterior from normal wear and tear.,

Do you really need a transom plate?,

While you do not need a transom plate, they are a great way to protect your transom from damage. A transom plate will not only extend the life of your transom but also any add-ons you have. If you have an older boat, a transom support plate is absolutely necessary for keeping your boat going.,