Boat Accessories, Support & Maintenance Supplies

At Vance Manufacturing, we're dedicated to making sure your boating experience is the best it can be, which means ensuring that your boat is performing efficiently with all of the necessary boat maintenance supplies and accessories to get the job done. This might look different depending on what your specific "job" is, whether it's fishing or hunting or taking the family out for a weekend ride, but we've got what you need no matter the scenario. Lubricants and cleaners are a staple for any boat owner, while quick cleats or marine LED lighting might be the perfect boat accessory for a boat owner looking to improve or expand the overall experience. We also stock boat transom support supplies, because the best way to extend the life of both your both and your engine is to take precautionary measures to protect them. These, and several other boat accessories at Vance Manufacturing, fall under the category of highly reliable aluminum boat accessories. Not sure what you need? No problem! Our team at Vance Manufacturing is here to talk you through our boat maintenance accessories and supplies to figure out what's best for you.

FAQs About Boat Accessories & Supplies

What Supplies Do I Need for My Boat?,

Even the best boat won't perfectly fit your needs right from the factory. You may find you need additional cleats to make it easy to moor your boat, or better lighting for fog and low-light conditions. Preventative maintenance items, like motor flush and transom savers, can save you money on repairs. Some items, like lid supports, make your boat more convenient to use and work on.,

What Can I Do To Maintain My Boat?,

Outboard engine flush removes salts and other contaminants from your engine, stopping corrosion and preventing buildup around the water pump. This keeps your engine running reliably and saves you from having to make costly repairs.,

Before you store your boat, apply a fogging oil like StrikeHold. It creates a protective barrier on the outside of your engine. By blocking moisture and oxygen, you won't have to deal with corrosion when you get your boat out for the next season.,

What Accessories Do I Need for a Fishing Boat?,

A transom saver lifts your outboard engine and keeps it from moving around when you trailer your boat. This prevents the motor from bouncing around and stressing the mount when you drive over rough terrain. It also keeps the shaft from dragging the ground on steep inclines.,

Adding lights helps you get the visibility you need at night and in bad weather. LED lights are extremely reliable, and they're bright for their size.,