Why You Need Power Poles

There's a reason power poles are so common on boats used by guides and tournament anglers: They help them catch more fish. Likewise, you'll find plenty of boats outfitted for waterfowl hunting that have these anchors too. Why does this type of anchor give them an advantage, and what can it do for you?

How Does a Power Pole Work?

When you find a fishing spot, you need to drop anchor fast to get into position. However, you also don't want to spook the fish and waterfowl in the area. That's where a power pole comes in handy. It can drop into the water quickly with minimal splashing.

Our poles mount to the transom, and most of them use a cantilever system connected to a hydraulic cylinder. Turning on the system activates an electric motor that pumps fluid into the cylinder, dropping the pole into the water. Our Micro Spike anchors have an electric motor that acts directly on the pole, dropping it straight down into the water.

Since the system is electrically powered, all you need to do to drop the pole is push a switch. Depending on your setup, you can drop the anchor with a foot-operated switch, a key fob or your smartphone using our C-Monster app. Since you can activate the anchor from anywhere in your boat, you can be in position with your fishing rod or rifle when you stop.

Speed and silence aren't the only reasons to choose a power pole. Before its invention, most anglers relied on push pole anchors. In principle, they work similarly to power poles. However, push holes have to be dropped manually, and they don't immediately stop the boat. They're also only able to stop small vessels. A power pole allows for the same silent anchoring with a larger, faster boat. This means you can make accurate stops in a boat that can get to the next spot faster if the fish aren't biting. This can be a major advantage for competitive fishing.

Where Can I Use a Power Pole?

The biggest power pole we make is 10 feet long. This keeps forces on the transom under control while ensuring a fast, silent drop. The pole is made from flexible materials, so it can withstand bumps when dragging against the lake bed. Dropping in shallow water improves the performance of the anchor, because it can penetrate deeper in the mud to keep your boat in place. Penetrating a foot or so in the mud should be more than enough to hold your boat.

A single power pole anchor can hold up to 4,500 lbs, or a boat up to 28 feet long. You can also use two poles, increasing the anchor strength while providing two points of contact. This keeps the bow from being moved by wind and waves. You can minimize motion with a single pole by lining the boat up with the direction of the wind and current.

How Does a Power Pole Compare to a GPS Locking Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor constantly fights against wind and currents to keep your boat in position. This disturbs the water, which can scare off fish. The movement of the prop also pushes up mud on the lake bottom, mucking up the water. Use the motor for too long, and you could find yourself with a drained battery.

With a power pole, you only need enough power to drop it in the water. From there, your boat stays put for as long as you need it to. It's not actively fighting the boat's movement, so there's no disturbance aside from the drop. Even then, the effect on the water is minimal.

A trolling motor lets you keep your boat in place in areas where a power pole can't reach. However, most fishing and waterfowl hunting happens in shallow waters. This makes a power pole the sensible solution for stopping your boat.

Power Pole: Giving You a Competitive Edge

It's easy to see why power poles are so popular in the professional hunting and fishing community. They cause less water disturbance, they're easier to deploy than competing anchoring methods, and they work on larger boats. A simple design and low battery use makes them easy to maintain, giving you an advantage without becoming a headache.

Power Poles can give you the competitive edge you've been missing in your hunting or fishing game. Learn how adding Power Poles could be the best thing you ever did for yourself.