Protect yourself from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit products

We are currently discovering customers have been deceived and bought unknowingly Chinese counterfeit Jack Plates and other marine accessories that were marketed as Vance MFG products and deceivingly branded.


Vance Manufacturing products are only sold online through If it does not ship from Taft, Tennessee USA, it is extremely likely to be counterfeit. Some counterfeit products are being shipped on eBay from Kentucky as well as Amazon, possibly elsewhere at this time. We do not sell on Amazon, Ebay or other 3rd party websites, all listings there can be assumed as fake/counterfeit. Please be aware the products are fake and the materials used are sub par and could lead to engine damage as well as bodily injury. If you are unsure if the products you are looking at are genuine please contact us for verification before purchasing and we will be happy to help you or purchase directly at Thank you, we appreciate our customers and look forward to serving you.


How do I contact you?

Please click here for our company contact information.