Durable Stainless Steel Hardware & Fasteners

For the adventurous fisherman, reliable and long-lasting boat hardware is a crucial aspect of your rig's setup and can make or break your boating experience. When it works well, stainless steel hardware for boats flies totally under the radar, sometimes missing credit where credit is due. However, outboard motor mount bolts and hardware that fail to do their job can be a headache and a nightmare, with the potential to ruin your experience AND damage your boat.

That's why at Vance Manufacturing, we are dedicated to making sure every bolt of stainless steel hardware you use on your boat has been crafted to perfection, optimized for long-lasting performance that you can trust. Choose from a selection of different sizes and types of fasteners and seals, ranging from ½" diameter bolts to marine silicone. For assistance on choosing the right size of bolts for your goals, our best-in-industry customer service team is ready to help.,

FAQs About Boat Hardware

What Is Boat Hardware?,

Marine equipment is subjected to extreme conditions, including salt, chloride and moisture. This causes rapid corrosion. Boat hardware is made from materials designed to resist this corrosion, including stainless steel and silicone.,

What Type of Stainless Steel Is Used in Marine Hardware?,

There is no set definition for "marine grade" stainless steel. However, SAE 316L or A4 is usually considered the minimum grade needed for marine applications. This steel grade has more molybdenum than more common SAE 304 steel, giving it higher corrosion resistance.,

What Type of Bolts Should Be Used in a Marine Environment?,

Use bolts made from highly corrosion-resistant materials, like SAE 316L. Applying anti-seize makes removal easier when the bolt finally fails.,

What Marine Bolts Do I Need for Mounting My Jack Plate? ,

We make it easy to get the right hardware for our jack plates by offering complete kits with bolts, washers and nuts. Using our calculators for mini and standard size jack plates, you can find the correct bolt sizes for your application. The calculator takes into consideration the thickness of your transom, as well as whether or not you use our mini universal transom plate with your jack plate.,