Hydraulic Jack Plates Built for Convenience

For the boat junkie who craves adventure but not at the cost of a damaged boat, our hydraulic jack plates offer the flexibility and security you need to keep exploring. Protect your engine no matter where your adventure takes you with a jack plate that allows you to adjust your engine height whenever you need to. Our hydraulic jack plates for bass boats are ideal for navigating those hard-to-reach areas to find the perfect catch. Besides protecting your boat from damage, this type of outboard motor lift can prevent unnecessary drag by allowing you to seamlessly find the optimal height for efficient speed and fuel economy.

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What is a hydraulic jack plate?,

A hydraulic jack plate is a bracket that you can add on to your engine to provide two dimensions of extra vertical movement. Most hydraulic jack plates also provide some fixed horizontal setback as well.,

What does a hydraulic jack plate do for a bass boat? ,

Using a hydraulic jack plate on your bass boat means that you can raise your engine up on the fly when venturing in and out of shallow waters, which you might find yourself doing often when in pursuit of the best bass. By raising or lowering your engine based on factors like depth and boat speed, you'll be able to protect your engine and increase boat performance and fuel economy.,

Do I need a hydraulic jack plate? ,

The alternative to getting a hydraulic jack plate is getting a manual jack plate. Manual jack plates typically don't come with quite as high of a price tag; however, they do come with some restrictions. If you frequently venture in and out of shallow water (for bass fishing, venturing to secluded areas, avoiding no-wake zones), you're better off investing in a hydraulic jack plate.,