Power Pole Anchors for Shallow Water Fishing

If you own (or have maneuvered) a boat, you've likely experienced the woes of anchoring your boat in such a way that it stays in place the way that you want it to. You have to take into consideration things like current strength, manpower you are willing to expend, extra weight you can afford on your boat and more. When you install a power pole anchor onto your boat, all of these concerns can be abandoned, allowing you to focus on what really matters: a great boating experience or catching fish.

Powerpole boat anchors are especially useful for the following categories of boaters:,

  • Shallow water fisherman in freshwater or saltwater
  • Fisherman looking to increase the number of fish they catch in a trip
  • Professional fisherman who fish for income
  • Owners of bass boats, flat boats and bay boats
  • Anglers

Among the many benefits of using a power pole for your boat, silent deployment, ultra-fast stopping time and security against currents are top of mind. Compared to similar shallow water anchor poles or systems, power poles are extremely aerodynamic and light, making them a great option for boaters who are concerned with adding more weight to their boat.,

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FAQs About Power Poles

What Is a Power Pole? ,

A power pole is a unique anchor designed for easy, fast deployment in shallow water without disturbing fish. Instead of using an anchor mounted to a cable or rope, a power pole uses a spiked pole mounted to a lever or motor. With the push of a button, you can lower this pole into the water until it strikes the ground.,

How Does the Power Pole Work? ,

A power pole has a flexible, spiked pole that keeps the boat in place. Full-size poles connect to a cantilever operated by a hydraulic cylinder driven by a built-in electric pump. Micro Spike anchors use an electric motor to drop the pole straight down into the water.,

A power pole can be controlled with a foot switch or key fob or through your smartphone via the C-Monster app. The flexibility of the pole allows it to stop a slow-moving boat, making it easier to get in the exact spot you want to fish. Drop speed can be adjusted, letting you stop quickly, or you can gently lower the spike into the water without alerting fish. A single power pole can stop a boat, while using a pair increases grip when facing heavy wind or currents.,

How Far Do Power Poles Go Down?,

Micro poles reach 8 1/2 feet below the motor. Other models reach 4 to 10 feet below the transom, depending on the length of the anchor.,

How Much Do Power Poles Cost? ,

A single pole installation costs anywhere from $550 to around $2,500, depending on the model, the mounting plate used and any accessories you choose to add.,

How Much Do Power-Pole Blades Weigh?,

A fully loaded Blade with a 10-foot power pole weighs 38 lbs, while a Blade with an 8-foot pole weighs 31.7 lbs. The anchor system is partially self-supporting, so the total weight on the transom is 28.7 lbs. with the 10-foot pole and 23.2 lbs. with the 8-foot pole.,