Power Pole Anchors, Replacement Parts & Upgrades

If you're looking to take your boat to the next level -or maybe you already have and are in need of some repairs- you've come to the right place. At Vance Manufacturing, we offer everything you need to get started with your first power pole, or make repairs and upgrades if you're ready. As a certified power pole dealer, our staff is trained in all things shallow water anchoring and is ready to assist you along every step of your boating journey. Some of the benefits of installing a power pole anchor system on your boat include:

  • Easy anchoring in shallow water
  • Silent anchoring to prevent underwater disturbance
  • Ability to immediately stop your boat when you've spotted (or caught) a fish
  • Protection of your transom from stress when anchoring

For our boating enthusiasts who are already using power poles, browse our selection of power pole replacement parts and accessory upgrades. While most power poles come with the necessary equipment for the typical installation, power pole parts may wear down over time and need to be replaced to ensure the maximum performance of your machine. If your anchoring system is in good shape but you want to get more out of it, we've got parts for you as well. Try adding a performance accessory like a drift paddle or down-rigger to accommodate a more adventurous experience on the water.,

All power pole anchors and parts sold at Vance Manufacturing are guaranteed for quality and qualify for fast shipping. Feel free to reach out to our best-in-industry customer service with questions or advice inquiries!,


What is a power pole used for on a boat?,

A power pole is used to efficiently anchor a boat in an extremely accurate manner that requires minimal manpower and does not add much extra weight to your load.,

How much is a power pole for a boat? ,

Our power poles vary in price, ranging from $79.99 for the Ultra-Lite Spike to $1,879.99 for the Power Pole Blade Series.,

How long of a power pole anchor do you need? ,

The power poles found here have several different deployment depths: 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 8.5 feet and 10 feet. The length that you purchase will depend on how deep the water is where you are planning to anchor. Note that Power Pole does not make anchors that deploy deeper than 10 feet.,