Transom Wedges/Setback Spacers

Adjust your trim with transom wedges and spacers so your boat can perform at its best all the time. Made with aircraft-quality aluminum, Vance Manufacturing transom wedges can add between 2 and 10 degrees of positive or negative trim angle.Vance Manufacturing jack plate spacers can add 5/8’" up to 2’" of setback to help you get the most performance for less. Adjusting trim on your boat using outboard motor wedges can improve your boat's performance in a number of different ways. By adjusting your engine's angle so that it's inline with the waterline when your boat is at rest, you'll notice a ride that's significantly more comfortable, with increased speed and improved fuel economy.

Vance Manufacturing offers transom wedges for a negative degree tuck as well as reversible transom wedges for outboards that need a positive degree tilt. Find the optimal performance for your boat with Vance Manufacturing's trim wedges.,


What is a transom on a boat?,

A transom is the vertical section of the back of your boat. The outboard motor is mounted to the transom, and it is common to see the name of the boat printed across the transom.,

What are the benefits of transom wedges?,

Transom wedges can add positive or negative trim angle. Adding transom wedges can help with problems such as a light bow and porpoising. Most people that have installed transom wedges notice an overall smoother ride as well.,

What do transom spacers do?,

Transom spacers add ⅝" up to 2" of setback to get better performance for less. Transom spacers are an easy and affordable way to add extra MPH to your boat. Transom spacers allow you to adjust your boat's center of gravity so that it can rebalance and provide more power to move forward.,