Vance Angled Washer Set for Transom Wedges


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Vance Angled Washer Set for Vance Transom Wedges


Intorducing the all new Vance Angled Washer Sets for Vance Transom Wedges. What is the purpose of the Vance Angled Washer Sets? Vance Angled Washer Sets are used to compensate for the angle that a Vance Transom Wedge creates so that when you are securing the bolts going through your wedge onto your jack plate or engine the nut sits flat and does not sit at an angle. This allows for better contact of the nut and better securement of your engine so that the nuts don't vibrate loose while in operation. This is an extreme must when purchasing Vance Transom Wedges as when you do not use the Vance Angled Washer Set your bolt and nut coming our of the Vance Transom wedge will sit on an angle and may rub your jack plate or engine casting down or possibly crack your engine casting. Vance Angled Washer sets are available in 2 Degree, 5 Degree, and 10 Degree respectively and are offered in finish types to match your existing Vance Transom Wedge Finish.

Buyers Guide: You want the angle of the Vance Washer to be the same as your Vance Transom Wedge. Example: If you are purchasing a Vance 5 Degree Transom Wedge you will want to purchase a Vance 5 Degree Washer Set. You will also want to compensate on your bolt lengths 0.50 inches longer because of the thickness of the Vance Angles Washers.


Each set comes with 4 QTY Vance Angled Washers in the finish type desired.

Dimensions of each Vance Washer In Inches: 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.50

Made for 1/2 Inch hardware or metric equivalent

Weight of set: 1 Pound