Vance Manufacturing Breakaway Jack Plate

Breakaway plate vs. Jack plate: What's the difference?

Ready to take your fishing to the next level? You've come to the right place. Kick-up (or breakaway) jack plates allow you to take your boat to places you've never been before with a traditional jack plate. Compared to a hydraulic or manual jack plate, which require the fisherman to anticipate obstacles or depth change and change the height of the motor beforehand, an outboard breakaway plate is hinged to your boat in such a way that it can swivel out of the way upon contact with an obstacle in the water, allowing you to continue on your way without interruption.

Do breakaway plates actually work?

Based on own experience using these units, as well as feedback from verified customers, these boat kick plates provide a smooth ride, easy user experience and reliable protection for your boat. Here is what people are saying about breakaway plates:,

"I used to have a hydraulic jack plate bolted to a break away plate. I wanted to make my boat more comfortable and move the tiller handle forward a few inches. This new system is beyond what I expected. It has top quality hydraulics, relay, wiring and switch. The linear slide is much smoother than what I had. The machining and workmanship is more than what I expected. I can go most places a mud motor goes with a lot better handling and performance." - Jim Stancil, HYDKU-6000,

"I ordered and received the Vance HYDKU-6000...awesome unit! Only has a 6" set back, and operates very smooth." - Okie Fowler, HYDKU-6000,

"I have ran both the CMC and Vance. I like Vance over the CMC because of the adjustments and the quality." - Forum Member,

"I've got one on my 653 Havoc, works great. Adjustments work as advertised." - Forum Member


Who should use a kick-up/breakaway plate?

We highly recommend duck hunters or fishermen who boat in shallow water with stumps to consider mounting a breakaway plate on their boat. If you've been converted to breakaway plates the hard way, you'll know that hitting a stump unexpectedly can be a jolting experience, not to mention the potential of causing thousands of dollars in repairs. Kick-up plates are also the best solution for hunters/fishermen who frequently encounter sandbars or take their boats through flooded timber.


Why buy a breakaway plate at Vance Manufacturing?

Compared to other breakaway plates, our plates are around 15 pounds lighter, reducing the amount of weight and subsequent stress that is placed onto your transom. In addition, all of our products are manufactured within our facility in Taft, Tennessee, where our dedicated team can ensure the quality of each unit produced. If you are looking for high-quality equipment to protect your boat and enhance your fishing/hunting experience, shop our kicker plates for outboard motors today.,