Vertical Jacks & Extensions for Outboard Jets

At Vance Manufacturing, we believe that every fisherman should have the opportunity to excel, which is why we offer high-quality outboard jet jack plates for our more niche customers whose needs may not be met with our standard prop jack plates. Our vertical jacks provide outboard motor lift for anglers operating jet engines. We encourage all boaters to include a vertical transom extension bracket or traditional jack plate with their engine setup in order to optimize your boat's performance in speed, handling and fuel economy, which is why we've designed these outboard jet jack plates. An outboard motor extension bracket like this can also provide an extra layer of protection to your jet engine, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on a damaged outboard.

FAQs About Vertical Jacks & Extensions for Outboard Jets

What Is an Outboard Engine Jet Jack Plate?,

A jack plate attaches between your outboard engine and your boat's transom. This plate slides up and down, letting you adjust the height of your motor in the water. While most jack plates are designed for prop motors, you can get the same benefits by using one with your jet drive motor.,

Jet motors need to be mounted higher than prop motors. Using a jack plate helps you get this added height without modifying your transom.,

What Is the Right Jet Jack Plate for My Outboard Engine?,

Jet motors need to run higher than propeller motors, and larger outlets need to run higher in shallow water than small ones for efficiency. Go for a longer plate if you're using a high-power motor, or if you're converting from a prop drive.,

What Does an Outboard Engine Extension Bracket Do?,

An extension bracket moves your motor farther away from the hull, placing it in less turbulent water. This increases the power the motor can exert on the water, improving performance and fuel efficiency. It also helps keep it out of the flow of debris coming off of the hull, protecting your motor.,