Manual Jack Plates

If your boat has one or more of the following issues, you should consider buying a manual jack plate:

  • Poor holeshot
  • The outboard does not stay perpendicular to the water at top speed
  • The engine can be trimmed all the way up without the prop letting go OR there is no discernible loss of water pressure at full throttle
  • The hull doesn't appear to "lift" as it should

These issues can likely be resolved with one of our fantastic lightweight manual outboard jack plates. Our plates serve to raise the engine of your boat, allowing you to turn higher-pitch props than before. Overall, your engine has the chance to perform better with the addition of a jack plate, according to many boating professionals. We proudly make our manual jack plates in the USA, although they are available for sale worldwide. Our plates are available for a variety of horsepower capacities, so you will be sure to find a product that works for you. For more information about jack plates, check out our FAQ page.,

FAQs About Manual Jack Plates

What Is a Manual Jack Plate?,

A manual jack plate bolts in between the outboard engine and transom. It uses a screw system to move the motor up and down, adjusting the height of the propeller in the water.,

What Are the Benefits of Manual Jack Plates?,

A jack plate lets you get your outboard in the optimum position for planing. By balancing slip and grip, you can get the right amount of force and angle to get your boat on plane quickly. A manual jack plate makes it easy to set your height without the added complication and weight of hydraulics.,

How Do I Find the Best Manual Jack Plate for My Boat?,

Start by matching plates with the output of your motor. We make manual jack plates to match specific horsepower ranges. After that, it's a matter of choosing length. Generally speaking, larger props need longer plates to get them closer to the surface of the water. This increases slip, which helps you get on plane faster without blowing out.,

Are Manual Jack Plates Lightweight?,

Yes. The screw system used to adjust a manual jack plate is significantly lighter than a hydraulic system. While hydraulic plates may be more convenient to adjust, most owners find that they rarely need to move their prop height once they find the sweet spot. That means you can reduce the weight on the rear of your boat without feeling like you made a compromise.,