Hydraulic Kick-Up Jack Plates for Boats

For the sportsman who craves adventure, these hydraulic kick-up jack plates are a perfect choice. Letting you access previously unreachable areas, our kick-up jack plates allow your standard tiller engine to easily careen at slow speeds over obstacles such as stumps or rocks without any prop damage. These hydraulic kick-up jack plates are specially designed to swivel on the rugged stainless steel shaft for your boat's protection. Simply tighten the side swivels to your desired size, and you are good to go! Our hydraulic kick-up jack plates are ideal for outboard engines. You are sure to be the envy of all your hunting and fishing buddies as you explore the hotspots their boats can't reach!


What is a kick-up/breakaway jack plate? ,

A kick-up/breakaway jack plate is a type of hydraulic bracket that is specially designed to swivel on a rugged stainless steel shaft to protect your boat and engine from damage by objects in the water.,

What types of fishing/hunting are kick-up jack plates best for? ,

Kick-up jack plates (also known as breakaway plates, stump jumpers or kick plates) are especially beneficial for duck hunters who troll areas with underwater stumps, or any fisherman who wants to venture into areas with potential obstacles just under the water's surface.,