Vance Push Button Switch Hydraulic Jack Plate and Hydraulic Kick-Ups


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Vance Manufacturing’s built-in-house push-button switch is great for hydraulic jack plates and hydraulic kick-ups or as a transom trim switch for outboard or stern drives. Put a trim switch or hydraulic jack plate anywhere you want with this versatile jack plate switch.

The Vance Manufacturing Push-Button Control Switch provides a weatherproof control system at the stern area of the boat to facilitate placing motor support in position with one person. The switch can also be used for remote adjustment of hydraulic jack plates. The switch housing is molded black plastic and may be mounted on any flat surface. It’s available in many lengths, with a minimum of 24'' of wire. The wire comes as one piece when you order; it is not spliced for different lengths.

Jack Plate Switch Button Uses, Benefits & Details:

  • Trim switch for outboards or stern drives
  • Hydraulic jack plate switch
  • Hydraulic kick-up switch
  • Puts tilt and trim control anywhere
  • Weatherproof control switches
  • UV-stable molded housing
  • Made by Vance Manufacturing
  • Multiple wire lengths available

This is a high-quality Vance Manufacturing product that is made in the USA. It will not shock you or damage your boat like cheap Chinese competitors!

Different Wire Lengths available, click on the product for more.