Vance Hydraulic Pump for Vance Hydraulic Jack Plates and Kick & Jacks


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Replacement pump for Vance Hydraulic Jack Plates and Vance Kick & Jacks rated at 90 HP and higher. This item is only the pump, if you need the wiring harness you can order it here:


Finish Type

This item comes with the mounting block at the bottom of the pump and the top clevis to attach to your sliding plate. Please speicfy which finish your current Vance Hydraulic Unit is in as we have updated the part numbers for the pump mounting blocks and pump clevis and your current pieces will not work with our new pump. A new pump mounting block and pump clevis will be sent with this product for proper fitment.

This item will fit any Vance Hydraulic Jack Plate made after 2017. (Ex. HYDKU6000; HYDKU6500; HYDVS-001)

1 Year warranty from the date of purchase.

Made In USA