Power Pole Accessories & Upgrades

So you've installed your new power pole, you love it, and you're ready for more. We've got everything you need for an efficient, easy and elevated power pole experience. From power pole accessories to upgrades, our selection of parts is broad enough to encompass anything you need.

If you're looking for something that is going to enhance the ease of use and efficiency of your power pole, check out our variety of different power pole remote control kits, fobs and power pole foot switches. A power pole accessory might just give you exactly what you need to complete your experience.,

For those looking to upgrade the performance of their power pole and, subsequently, boat, our power pole add-ons might be just what you're looking for. Drift paddles and downriggers add an extra layer of performance to your power pole so that you are secure in the knowledge that your power pole will function at the max wherever you go.,

Lastly, we want to make sure you get the most use out of your power pole, and that means treating it with care. We encourage our customers to invest in power pole covers and spike wraps to protect and extend the life of their power pole.,

FAQs About Power Pole Accessories & Upgrades

How Can I Upgrade My Power-Pole Anchor?,

Power-Pole is a leader in the industry, and its anchors provide a silent, secure way to anchor your boat. This lets you settle into fishing spots without alerting surrounding fish. Power-Pole accessories are aimed at giving you more flexibility with your anchor, using it where and when you want.,

What Power-Pole Accessories Do You Recommend?,

A remote lets you deploy your anchor anywhere, instead of needing to be by the main controls. This allows precise positioning of your boat so you can be right where the fish are. We offer several options for control, including foot switches, dash switches and key fob switches. C-Monster-compatible remotes include more functions, such as variable speed and double-click automatic up and down.,

Don't want to purchase an anchor for every boat you operate? Transom-style clamp mounts and micro-adjustable mounting brackets make it possible to transfer your Power-Pole anchor to different vessels. Add the rechargeable Battery Pak and charger kit, and you don't even have to worry about wiring.,

How Do Power-Pole Accessories Help My Boat? ,

With a remote, you can stop immediately, instead of having to reach for the controls. As soon as you see a spot on your fish finder or you're in position with your pole, you can drop anchor. You can also raise and lower your anchor while you're using your trolling motor. Power-Pole anchors aren't cheap, but by using mount accessories, you can use the same anchor on multiple boats.,