Vance HYDVS-001 Setback Angles


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Vance Manufacturing HYDVS-001 Setback Angles


Why use Vance HYDVS-001 Setback Angles? They are fast, affordable and a great way to avoid having to replace your existing jack plate when you need more or less setback. They come in various sizes, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches respectively and are easy to install. How do you install the Vance HYDVS-001 Setback Angles? If your Vance HYDVS-001 jack plate is currently on your transom you will want to remove your engine and remove your Vance HYDSV-001 off of your transom. Next, there are 3 bolts holding each angle to the frame of the unit. Remove these 3 bolts on each side and now you're ready to put your new angles on. Now, reinsert and tighten the three bolts back together on each angle and install the Vance HYDVS-001 back onto your transom. Once the HYDVS-001 is installed onto your transom you can reinstall your engine. Save time and money with Vance HYDVS-001 setback angles.

These angle sets are compatible with the Vance Manufacturing HYDVS-001 series only. You can find that unit on our website by clicking here.

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