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Transom Wedges/Setback Spacers

Adjust your trim with transom wedges and spacers so your boat can perform at its best all the time. Made with aircraft-quality aluminum, Vance Manufacturing transom wedges can add between 2 and 10 degrees of positive or negative trim angle.Vance Manufacturing jack plate spacers can add 5/8’’ up to 2’’ of setback to help you get the most performance for less. Adjusting trim on your boat using outboard motor wedges can improve your boat’s performance in a number of different ways. By adjusting your engine’s angle so that it’s inline with the waterline when your boat is at rest, you’ll notice a ride that’s significantly more comfortable, with increased speed and improved fuel economy.

Vance Manufacturing offers transom wedges for a negative degree tuck as well as reversible transom wedges for outboards that need a positive degree tilt. Find the optimal performance for your boat with Vance Manufacturing’s trim wedges.