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Vance Performance Plate - Jack Plate Add-On

What is a Vance performance plate and why do I need it?

The Vance performance plate option is a great add-on accessory to your Vance jack plate! Our performance plate is a solid-aluminum plate we manufacture and install onto the bottom of a jack plate, closing off the cavity of your jack plate on the bottom so that water can not spray up through the jack plate.

Can I purchase a performance plate separately?

No. A performance plate is only able to be installed when ordering your jack plate because we modify the bottom of the jack plate to facilitate the performance plate. We do have these modified units already in stock, so there is little to no wait for shipping. However, you can remove the performance plate from the bottom of the jack plate if need be by simply loosening a few bolts.

What jack plates is the Vance performance plate compatible with?

The performance plate is currently compatible with the list of jack plates below and must be bought with one of the following:

What are the benefits of a performance plate?

Adding a performance plate increases your boat’s efficiency by stopping water from spraying up through the jack plate. Benefits of a performance plate include:

  • Keeps water from going inside the jack plate
  • Increases speed
  • Increases overall boat performance
  • Eliminates jack plate spray

If you still have questions as to whether the performance plate is applicable for you, contact our engineering and support team:


Phone: 1.931.425.6820 Ext 3

Vance Jack Plate Add-on only when ordering your Vance Jack Plate!
*Must be purchased with compatible jack plate*

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